iGO Rewards, Redefining Travel Rewards

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iGO Rewards is powered by Pinpoint Loyalty (Hong Kong), a Mastercard company.

iGO Rewards, Redefining Travel Rewards

Use your DBS$ to redeem flights, accommodations or create your own travel packages at any time!

Please visit http://go.dbs.com/hk-iGO-en for details.

iGO Rewards is powered by Pinpoint Loyalty (Hong Kong), a Mastercard company.

iGO Rewards, Redefining Travel Rewards

iGO Rewards is exclusive to cardholders of below Mastercard

Frequently Asked Questions

   A - Basics

   Who can I book travel for?

With iGO Rewards, you can book travel for anyone, as long as you are the Principal Cardholder of eligible DBS Mastercard.

   Can I make a booking and choose not to redeem my DBS$?

No. To complete each booking transaction, you are required to use a minimum of 100 DBS$.

   Can I switch to another DBS Credit Card used during booking process?

To switch to another DBS Credit Card during booking process, please click ‘Return to DBS’ in the user menu on the top left of the home page to go back to DBS Omni Website to start again with your preferred card.

   B - Make new booking

   Can I make a booking via the iGO Rewards Travel Services Centre?

No. iGO Rewards Travel Services Centre takes booking changes and cancellations only.

   What do I do if I have multiple stopovers for my travel?

Multiple stopover booking option is not available in iGO Rewards currently, however we look forward to providing you with this option in the next platform upgrade.

   How far in advance do I have to make booking?

Flight - The majority of international flight bookings can be booked for travel a minimum of three days in advance of the departure date but this varies slightly by airline.
Hotel - You can usually book hotel accommodation one day in advance prior to your check-in date but this varies by hotel.

   C - Payment

   Can I select the amount of DBS$ to be used for booking?

Yes. On the payment page you can select the amount of DBS$ you want to use by moving the Payment Slider from left to right. This will automatically calculate the amount of Hong Kong dollars that will be due. The amount due in Hong Kong dollars must be payable by the same DBS Mastercard you signed in with which will also be validated at the time of payment to verify identity and authenticate the transaction. A minimum of 100 DBS$ is required to complete each booking.

   How do I know my online payment will be secure?

iGO Rewards is equipped with a secure payment gateway, and will initiate a 3D secure fraud protection verification (Mastercard SecureCode) as part of the online booking process. A One-Time Password (OTP) will be sent to the Principal Cardholder’s mobile phone and this OTP will be used to verify the Cardholder’s identity and authenticate the transaction during the booking process. For more details, please visit http://www.dbs.com.hk/personal/credit-cards/emarket/otp.

   Is there any booking fee in iGO Rewards?

A non-refundable Booking Administration Fee of HKD50 will be added to each booking transaction. This fee can only be paid using the same DBS Mastercard you signed in with.

   D - Manage booking

   What are the service hours of iGO Rewards Travel Services Centre?

iGO Rewards Travel Services Centre is open from Monday to Friday 10am – 8pm, Saturday 9am – 1pm Hong Kong time, excluding Sundays and Public Holidays. You can leave your inquiry outside of service hours via voice message or email to contact@iGOrewards.com.hk. Our Travel consultants will reply in the next business day.

   What if I don’t receive my email confirmation upon booking?

If you have successfully made a booking and see the booking confirmation page and Booking Reference Number on screen but do not receive an email confirmation within the next 2 hours, or your e-ticket or e-voucher in the next 24-48 hours, your email could be caught in an aggressive spam filter. Please check your spam folder. If you are still unable to locate the confirmation email / e-ticket / and vouchers, please call the iGO Rewards Travel Services Centre on 3192 7676 during service hours.

If you have submitted a booking but do not see the confirmation page, please call the iGO Rewards Travel Services Centre on 3192 7676 during service hours.

   What should I do if I’ve misplaced my flight e-ticket or hotel voucher?

You can go to ‘My Bookings’ in the user menu on the left hand side of the header on iGO Rewards website to re-print your itinerary and hotel voucher. To obtain a copy of your e-ticket, please call the iGO Rewards Travel Services Centre on 3192 7676.

   E - Rewards

   Can I earn DBS$ from the payment of my booking in Hong Kong dollar with DBS Mastercard?

Yes. The Hong Kong dollar component in a booking paid by DBS Mastercard is eligible to earn DBS$.

   Can I earn air miles or frequent flyer points from my flight booking?

Air miles and frequent flyer points can be earned from eligible flight tickets* if you are a member of the relevant program. Your membership number for the affiliated airline with which you are travelling should be entered at the time of booking and it will be recorded during your booking. If you are an air miles or frequent flyer member, please retain your air ticket and boarding pass, as we cannot be held responsible for obtaining copies of your air ticket at any future date.
* Eligible flight tickets is subject to flight ticket’s fare class governed by airlines.

   F - Change / cancel booking

   How do I change or cancel my flight booking?

All amendments and cancellations to flights can be made via the iGO Rewards Travel Services Centre on 3192 7676 or contact@iGOrewards.com.hk by email.
If you require an urgent change to your flight outside of the iGO Rewards Travel Services Centre’s service hours, please contact the airline directly.

Special note: Amendments and cancellations are subject to the conditions associated with the fare type purchased. Some fares do not permit cancellations or routing changes.

   What are the Amendment and Cancellation fees should my travel plans change?

Amendment and cancellation fees can vary by supplier and will be advised by your travel consultant of Travel Services Centre at the time of your request. In addition to the supplier’s amendment or cancellation charge, an iGO Rewards Amendment / Cancellation Fee of HKD250 will be charged per request. The DBS$ and Hong Kong dollar component used in original booking will be used to offset 1) Supplier’s amendment & cancellation charge (if applicable) and 2) iGO Rewards Amendment / Cancellation Fee. Please note that it is possible that total amendment or cancellation fees could exceed the cost of the original booking.

   What is the refund policy should I cancel my plans?

When a booking is cancelled, the DBS$, less any applicable Cancellation Fees, will be held in credit by iGO Rewards for you to make another new booking. These DBS$ must be used for one new booking via iGO Rewards Travel Services Centre within 12 months from the date of cancellation, failing which it will be forfeited.
The Hong Kong dollar component, less any applicable Cancellation fees, will be refunded to the DBS Mastercard account that was used at the time of booking. The Booking Administration Fee of original booking is non-refundable.

   G - Others

   I have special needs when I travel. Will my online iGO Rewards booking cater for these?

If you have special needs, please call the iGO Rewards Travel Services Centre to discuss your special service request before proceeding with your booking online (please note that bookings cannot be made via the Travel Services Centre). iGO Rewards Travel Services Centre can be contacted via phone on 3192 7676.

Typically, special service requests include:

  • Passengers who require mobility assistance to board/disembark the plane
  • Passengers who have had surgery recently
  • Passengers who have a medical condition
  • Passengers who are travelling with sharp objects i.e syringes and injection pens
  • Passengers who have a disability
  • Unaccompanied minors (children under 12 years old. Please note some airlines will not allow children to travel unaccompanied)
  • Passengers travelling with domestic pets
  • Travellers requiring interconnecting rooms
  • Travellers requiring a disability fitted room

   What type of compatible browsers is this website best view from?

This website is best viewed with the following supported browser types and versions: Internet Explorer 11 or above versions, Firefox (latest non beta version), Chrome (latest non beta version).

For compatible browsers like the Safari Desktop (latest version), some features may not be available and / or presentation may be less than optimal, however eligible cardholders will still be able to complete a booking.